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What our Alumni are saying about ITDP...

ITDP Greece is an unforgettable program that will further develop your artistic education as well as nurture your holistic life experience. Being able to study theatre and dance in the country that gave birth to these art forms is a unique opportunity that will only refuel your passion for them and expand your skills as an artist. Being immersed in a different culture and experiencing all there is to enjoy that is out of your ordinary routine will nourish your growth as a human being, which is ultimately the essence of your art. Taking risks and accepting challenges during this trip will only stretch what you are capable of achieving. You will leave this program surprised by how much you’ve accomplished in your work and how much you’ve matured in life.

- Fady, 19, Boston University

The decision to go on this trip was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The teachers were so inspiring and the opportunity to work with other young artists was one that truly comes once in a lifetime. Living on the island of Paros while doing what I loved was a dream come true and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. From boat trips, cliff jumping, swimming in caves, traditional Greek dancing, exploring the Parthenon in Athens, or trying the delicious Greek dishes, I experienced so many aspects of the culture that I never would have before. I have worked with Lenni and Stephanie for years and they are two people with the biggest hearts I know who have so much love for their students. I left Greece not only with amazing new training and experiences but with a new family. Thank you, ITDP for the best summer of my life. 

-Paige, 22, Ithaca College

Studying theatre in Greece has been a dream of mine for a long time, and now that dream is fulfilled. If someone were thinking about going on this trip I would tell them to go and experience great training and network with great teachers, artists, and people. I have learned so much in this short time and a lot of what I learned is that I am ready to go out in the world as a working actor in any environment because of this trip. 

-Susanne, 21, Boston Conservatory

Intensive, challenging, community-building. Absolutely [I would recommend ITDP], especially to college students who want more time abroad but can’t find opportunities through their schools.

- Liz, 22, Northwestern University

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