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On July 31, students will arrive in the historic ancient city of Athens. The first evening of programming on August 1, will include a faculty/student meet and greet orientation dinner in historic Monistiraki. Our time in Athens consists of introductory seminars led by Greek Artists in Ancient Greek Theatre and Traditional Greek Dance and additional dance classes at the beautiful Rallou Manou Dance Studio, just three stops by metro from our hotel. In the late afternoon, students will trek up to the Acropolis for a guided tour of its temples, theatres, and slopes.


Students will have time to explore the surrounding historic sites, antiquities, museums, and cultural events that Athens has to offer such as the Ancient Agora where ancient Greek playwrights and philosophers met daily. 












In the evening, students will have an opportunity to attend a performance at the historic Dora Stratou Theatre or similar, which will enhance the experience in our Ancient Greek Theatre and Traditional Greek Dancing Workshops. 

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