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Greek-American Heritage Scholarship


ITDP annually awards ONE full-tuition scholarship to an applicant of Greek-American Heritage (age 17-25) on the basis of merit and recommendation.

  • The tuition scholarship covers instruction and all ITDP courses

  • Transportation, $400 activities fee, ferries, transfers, housing, additional activities & meals not covered by this award

  • Applicants should fulfill the standard early enrollment application requirements (registration form, cover letter, audition content, $400 deposit to be put towards Athens/Tolos activities/meals, ferries, and transfers)

  • Applicants are required to supply one recommendation from a teacher or mentor who has worked with the student in an artistic capacity. 

  • Application due by Jan. 31, 2025 recipient announced by Feb. 10, 2025

2025 Merit Award Scholarships

ITDP offers TWO annual $1600.00 merit-based scholarship spots


  • The merit-scholarships are awarded to 2-students ages 18-25 from the early enrollment applicant pool.

  • Scholarship recipients will pay a tuition total of $1600.00

  • Transportation, ferries, housing, additional activities & meals not included in the tuition amountl

  • Scholarship applicants must fulfill the early enrollment application requirements by our early enrollment date, January 31, 2025, to be eligible.

  • Recipients to be notified by Feb. 10, 2025

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